Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal (mCDR) webinar series

The Alaska Ocean Acidification Network has teamed up with the California Current OA Network, the Ocean Science Trust, and NOAA’s Ocean Acidification Program to host an informational webinar series on marine carbon dioxide removal (mCDR). The goal is the series is to deliver the best available information on mCDR)and to explore concepts related to coastal ocean carbon. Through this series of co-designed webinars, participants will gain a better understanding of mCDR technologies, limitations, risks, and learn how to become engaged.

Webinar 1: Introduction to marine carbon dioxide removal (mCDR)
Speakers: Jessica Cross, NOAA OAP; Sarah Cooley, The Ocean Conservancy; David K, Ocean Visions; Chris Sabine, Univ. of Hawaii Manoa
(June 2023)


Webinar 2: A tour of newly-funded marine CDR projects
Speaker: Gabriella Kitch, NOAA’s Ocean Acidification Program
(Sept 2023)


Webinar 3: A closer look at ocean alkalinity enhancement 
Speakers: Andrew Dickson, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Burke Hales, Oregon State Univ.; Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez, UC Santa Barbara
(Oct 2023)


Webinar 4: Programs to support measurement, reporting and validation of mCDR. 
Speakers: Simon Freeman and Dan Rogers, US Department of Energy. (Feb 2024)


Webinar 5: Assessing effectiveness of marine carbon removal: Measurement, reporting, and verification of ocean alkalinity enhancement
Speakers: Dr. Richard Feely (Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory/NOAA), Dr. Yui Takeshita (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute) and Dr. Matthew Long ([C]Worthy). April, 2024


Next webinar: Can kelp help? Exploring macroalgae cultivation as a potential carbon dioxide removal and climate mitigation strategy. 1:30-3pm AK time May 23, 2024. REGISTER HERE

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