Alaska OA Data List and Links

Below is a list of ocean acidification datasets collected in Alaska with links to available data. Please email with updates or questions.

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NameYearsContactLocationFinal Data LinkRealtime Data LinkProject Website
Alutiiq Pride2014-presentWiley Evans (Hakai)SewardAvailable soon through NCEIAOOSLink
OceansAlaska2016-2019Wiley Evans (Hakai)KetchikanAvailable soon through NCEIAOOS
Sitka Tribe2017-presentWiley Evans (Hakai)SitkaAvailable soon through NCEIAOOSLink
Kodiak NOAA Lab2017-presentWiley Evans (Hakai)KodiakAvailable soon through NCEI


NameYearsContactLocationFinal Data LinkRealtime Data LinkProject Website
M22011-presentNatalie Monacci (UAF)Bering SeaNCEI, AOOSNOAA PMELWebpage
GAKOA2011-presentNatalie Monacci (UAF)Resurrection BayNCEI, AOOSNOAA PMELWebpage
Southeast2013-2016Natalie Monacci (UAF)Southern Baranof IslandNCEI, AOOSN/A
Kodiak2013-2016Natalie Monacci (UAF)KodiakNCEI, AOOSN/A
Chukchi Ecosystem Observatory2016-presentClaudine Hauri (UAF)NE Chukchi ShelfN/AWebpage
Gulf of Alaska Ecosystem Observatory2019-presentClaudine Hauri (UAF)N Gulf of Alaska ShelfN/AWebpage
Kachemak Bay Moorings2017-presentAmanda Kelley (UAF)Kachemak BayN/A
Lynn Canal moorings2019-presentAmanda Kelley (UAF)Lynn Canal (near Juneau)N/A
Sitka Sound2016-presentKristy Kroeker (UC Santa Cruz)Sitka SoundWebpage
BOEM Stefansson Sound2016-2018Kristy Kroeker (UC Santa Cruz)Beaufort SeaN/A
Beaufort Lagoon LTER2018-presentAmanda Kelley (UAF)/Ken Dunton (U of TX)Kaktovik Lagoon, Beaufort SeaEDI PMELN/AWebpage
MARES Beaufort2016-2018Natalie Monacci (UAF)Beaufort Sea shelf W. of McKenzie DeltaAOOSN/A


NameYearsContactLocationFinal Data LinkRealtime Data LinkProject Website
Seward Line2008-2017 (2008-2012 available)Natalie Monacci (UAF)Resurrection Bay to the Gulf of Alaska shelf break (250km); 15 stationsNCEIN/AWebpage
Columbia Ferry2017-presentWiley Evans (Hakai)Southeast Alaska; Skagway to BellinghamNCEIWebpage
NOAA coastal upwelling cruise2009Dick Feely (NOAA)NOAAN/AWebpage
NOAA Chukchi cruise2010-2013, annuallyChukchi SeaNODCN/A
NOAA OA Gulf of Alaska cruise2011, 2015Jessica Cross (NOAA PMEL)Transects from nearshore into GulfNODCN/A
CSESP Chukchi project2010-2014Sheyna WisdomChukchi SeaNCEIN/A
Glacier Bay2011-2016Natalie Monacci (UAF)Glacier Bay, northern SoutheastN/AN/A
NSF Arctic project2011-2015Natalie Monacci (UAF)Chukchi SeaNCEIN/A
Best-BSiERP2007-2010Natalie Monacci (UAF)Bering SeaUAFN/AWebpage
Prince William Sound 20142014Wiley Evans (Hakai)Prince William SoundN/AN/A
Gulf of Alaska LTER2018-presentClaudine Hauri (UAF)Claudine Hauri (UAF)DataOneN/AWebpage
Distributed Biological Observatory (DBO)2010-presentJessica Cross (NOAA PMEL)Jessica Cross (NOAA PMEL)NOAAN/AWebpage


NameYearsContactLocationFinal Data LinkRealtime Data LinkProject Website
Southcentral communities2016-presentJeff Hetrick/Jacqueline Ramsey (APMI)7 communities in Lower Cook Inlet/Prince William SoundN/ACommunity sampling">Community sampling
Southeast communities2018-presentWill Peterson/Kari Lanphier (SEATOR)8 communities in SoutheastN/ACommunity sampling
Arctic communities2019-presentJeff Hetrick/Jacqueline Ramsey (APMI)Nome, Kotzebue, UtqiagvikN/ACommunity sampling
Kodiak area communities2019-presentAndie Wall (KANA)4 communitiesN/ACommunity sampling


NameYearsContactLocationFinal Data LinkRealtime Data LinkProject Website
Gulf of Alaska hindcastDarren Pilcher (UW)Gulf of AlaskaN/A
Bering Sea ModelDarren Pilcher (UW)Bering SeaN/A
Gulf of Alaska ROMS hindcastClaudine Hauri, (UAF)Gulf of AlaskaDataOneN/APublication
Chukchi Sea ROMS hindcastClaudine Hauri, (UAF)Chukchi and pan-ArcticN/A