Ask a Scientist Video Series

The Alaska OA Network hosts a video series where scientists answer a question about ocean acidification in 5 minutes or less in understandable terms. If you have a question for the series, email it to Darcy Dugan at

Sep 2018

Question: Can ocean acidification be reversed or slowed down?

Speaker: Brad Warren, Global Ocean Health

May 2018

Question: Does ocean acidification affect or increase harmful algal blooms (HABS)?

Speaker: Angie Doroff, collaborator with the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve and NOAA

April 2018

Question: Are we seeing impacts from ocean acidification on species in Alaska right now?

Speaker: Bob Foy, NOAA Kodiak Lab

March 2018

Question: Is ocean acidification happening in Alaska right now?

Speaker: Jessica Cross, NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Lab