Alaska Ocean Acidification Mission

The mission of the Alaska Ocean Acidification Network is to engage with scientists and stakeholders to expand the understanding of OA processes and consequences in Alaska, as well as potential adaptation and mitigation strategies.


  • Provide relevant information to, and hear from, the fishing and aquaculture industries, policy makers, Tribes, coastal communities and the general public with regard to OA.
  • Work with scientists and stakeholder communities to identify knowledge gaps and information needs, and recommend regional priorities for monitoring, research & modeling in both the natural and social sciences.
  • Share best practices for monitoring as well as promote the development of synthesis materials, and devise strategies to ensure funding is available to support these efforts.
  • Promote data sharing and act as a resource hub for OA information in Alaska for researchers, stakeholders and the general public, leveraging the AOOS data portal as needed.

The network was established in 2016 and is coordinated by the Alaska Ocean Observing System.