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Jan 31, 2021 | News

Ocean Acidification Research Update Session January 2021.

On January 29, the Alaska Ocean Acidification Network hosted a session at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium where 18 ocean acidification researchers provided updates on their activities, results and plans.


  • Cale Miller (UC Davis): Beaufort lagoon monitoring
  • Darren Pilcher (UW/NOAA PMEL): Bering Sea OA forecasting
  • Jessica Cross (NOAA PMEL): replanned field season and new results from saildrone data
  • Natalie Monacci (UAF OARC): moorings (presented by Darcy Dugan)
  • Claudine Hauri (UAF IARC): Gulf of Alaska modeling
  • Kris Holderied (NOAA Kasitsna Bay Lab): Long-term monitoring and multi-stressor assessments
  • Toby Schwoerer (UAF IARC) and Jan Ohlberger (UW): Tipping Points project status and modeling
  • Andie Wall (KANA): Kodiak Area community monitoring
  • Jacqueline Ramsay (APSH) – OA activities at the Alutiiq Pride Shellfish Hatchery
  • Wiley Evans (Hakai): Time series data from the Kenai Peninsula
  • Will Peterson (Sitka Tribe): Southeast Alaska community monitoring
  • Nina Bednarsek (SCWP): Pteropods in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea
  • Lauren Bell (UC Santa Cruz): OA impacts on kelp species and abalone
  • Marina Washburn (UAF): Chitons
  • Jamie Musbach (UAS): Shrimp
  • Tom Hurst (NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center): Groundfish
  • Chase William (UW): Salmon

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