Alaska OA Research Update session January 29

Jan 22, 2021 | News

Alaska Ocean Acidification Research Update Session

The Alaska OA Network is holding an ocean acidification researcher session on Friday, January 29 during the Alaska Marine Science Symposium. This will be an opportunity for OA researchers to provide 5-minute updates on their activities/results/plans. The intent of the session is to help researchers collaborate and we want to extend the invite to others who might be interested in listening in. There will be time for questions between presentations.

Date: Friday, January 29 at 9-11am
Platform: Zoom


  • Cale Miller (UC Davis): Beaufort lagoon monitoring
  • Darren Pilcher (UW/NOAA PMEL): Bering Sea OA forecasting
  • Jessica Cross (NOAA PMEL): replanned field season and new results from saildrone data
  • Natalie Monacci (UAF OARC): moorings (presented by Darcy)
  • Claudine Hauri (UAF IARC): Gulf of Alaska modeling
  • Kris Holderied (NOAA Kasitsna Bay Lab): Long-term monitoring and multi-stressor assessments
  • Andie Wall (KANA): Kodiak Area community monitoring
  • Jacqueline Ramsay (APSH) – OA activities at the Alutiiq Pride Shellfish Hatchery
  • Wiley Evans (Hakai): Time series data from the Kenai Peninsula
  • Will Peterson (Sitka Tribe): Southeast Alaska community monitoring
  • Nina Bednarsek (SCWP): Pteropods in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea
  • Lauren Bell (UC Santa Cruz): OA impacts on kelp species and abalone
  • Marina Washburn (UAF): Chitons
  • Jamie Musbach (UAS): Shrimp
  • Tom Hurst (NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center): Groundfish
  • Chase William (UW): Salmon
  • Toby Schwoerer (UAF IARC) and Jan Ohlberger (UW): Tipping Points project status and modeling

Contact: Darcy Dugan,